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Reflexions about Grief

Being Here / Being Everywhere

This series has found its life through a permissive language. Playful, compassionate, and welcoming. Layers that indicate states of mind, overlapping anecdotes and feelings. Colors and forms that navigate the small crises that break out during daily errands. Life lived as a Saturday morning hike in the woods. Light and short. Soft and fresh.

These paintings are about practicing mindfulness without the meditation part. They are about being here. Present. Using patterns that appear and disappear throughout different paintings, adding new things to what in essence is a routine. In this body I’m aiming to make images that feel close and simple, but at the same time, hide a more complex set of questions, by the compositional aspects that aren’t evident at first sight.

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During the process of these works I tried fighting the pressure of an endless “to do list”. Adulthood, and in my personal context, motherhood, has become tangible by seeking for mental balance when the distractions of screen notifications, home tasks, social compromises and work endeavors add up to a heavy bag that sits in my head. It’s a bag that’s with me while creating and directly affects the formal decisions of my paintings. I seek to tell a story of that internal fight and it’s – overall – a happy story, where I accept things as they come, and when I see the results I wonder, what’s coming next?

Multitasking has a negative connotation. But through these works my resolution was to turn it into a positive one. Doing many things, the best we can, trying, daring, being open, asking for help, learning to lose, learning to close the computer, or to leave the phone at home, being imperfect, laughing of oneself. All that, is reflected in combinations of colors I hadn’t try before and welcoming mistakes that in the past, I wouldn’t have considered as finished details.

In “real” life I’m juggling with responsibilities, but in the studio, I’m juggling with fern leaves, that appear and disappear behind paint washes. Questioning what’s necessary in this imposed systemic landscape we all live in. Defying gravity, defying the colors of things, defying the proportions of forms, and building one’s own reality.

View all currently available paintings here on Artwork Archive.

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