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After the Storm

Firehouse Arts Center

Pleasanton City, California, US.

Feb 21-April 8, 2023

For this exhibition I compiled pieces of previous bodies of work with new ones, to generate a line in time which has in common a need to express moods that are felt only when seasons change. Those moments when shades of greenery appear behind the rain that finally left, as a gift covering every outdoor surface in the form of grass, weeds, and moss. The atmosphere of winter that is no the cliché of it, not the cold, not the fog, or the wetness, but the growth. That slow moment were little dots of yellow, pink, and white become responsible for the irresistible aroma anticipating spring. Birds are coming out of their hiding places and daring to sing. I can hear them every morning.


Here in the Bay, we went through the biggest storm and the chaos of it also happened in my mind… Do you relate? But I think, just like with seasons, much light and patient are needed to regain some clarity and order. I use my paint to represent that. Leaves are the ones suggesting new paths and directions to follow. New questions to be made. Come closer and you will identify the colors that mark the rhythm. Balance, fighting against the pull to succumb into the tumultuous. Composing areas where my sight can rest and areas where I can interact and put my brain to work. It’s not healthy to stay put. Paper cut-outs made with color palettes used for paintings finished long ago, serve me to move out of my comfort zone. To question oneself, try new ways. And then, spring will bring its own.

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