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Angélica Turner is an artist from Chile, currently based in San Francisco, California. Her work is an exercise of self-awareness that starts In the presence of Nature and develops through the act of painting.

​Comparing the fragility of ecosystems to human mental health, always in risk, through her practice, Angélica interprets vegetation patterns attributing them to the ongoing and undulating experience of emotions.

​​Her work is a metaphor: the ephemeral character of Nature, its atmosphere and vitality, appear in the form of strong contrasts, layers and gestural brushstrokes symbolizing moods, questionings, and thoughts.​

Bushes growth and movement are one of the main axes from where the process starts. It’s through the work in the studio that different problematics evolve and mature. The inspirational references build her paintings the same way someone would work in therapy: expressing, denying, erasing, starting again, changing, slowing down, being literal and being abstract, and even crying or enjoying.

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