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Exhibition "Después de la lluvia" (after the rain) at Teatro de Zapallar, Chile, january 2017.

"The young artist Angelica Turner shows us a set of landscapes of great personality; These works executed with extreme vigor, focus their originality on the visceral and passionate attitude with which this artist addresses the pictorial process. It is paradoxical to speak of a careful disorder, however this happens on the canvas when the spot points to the lack of control and is finally submitted with skilful brushstrokes. Hence the variety of gestures and directions that enrich the surface of his works, always taking care of the unity of the composition. The color in this artist flows naturally expressing security in his personal domain. In these works the humid earth smells and the leaves of the trees shine after the rain. You just have to leave these landscapes suspended in the retina a moment to feel their particular beauty."

Benito Rojo Lorca

Pumalín III
Pumalín I
Las Trancas
De Serón a Dickson
Mirada al Cielo
De Serón a Dickson; Torres del Paine
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