The forest, a hiding place, a shelter, a temple. An ecosystem in motion, a place that never sleeps, that only grows and transforms. A pristine and spiritual environment.


In my painting I seek to capture the physical and emotional sensations that I have experienced in the forest. The ephemeral; what changes slowly and what lasts only a few seconds, interpreted with certain brushstrokes and colors, with contrasts and light passages, gestures and accidents; the diversity of textures.


Atmosphere, intensity and vitality; a remote place, isolated. I paint focused on the ground, where the closest to the body is: shrubs, fallen branches, ferns, their overlays. Feeling lost and disoriented, and at the same time part of a natural and necessary balance and peace. In an infinite place.


I represent my mixed feelings of fascination and nostalgia in fragmented compositions. Saturation and complementary color contrasts form strident and lively atmospheres, which in turn are questioned by divisors who remind us that this fragile land is not ours. With square formats I try to bring back some balance and symmetry to the chaotic elements of the vegetation and the abstract nature of each brushstroke.


My work is in honor of my land and of your land. Our land. And an invitation to miss her, find her, breathe her and take care of her.


Chilean Nationality

Lives in San Francisco, California

Studio Artist at Root Division


2019 Solo Exhibition at Frank Ratchye Studio Artist Project Space, curated by Alicia McDaniel, Root Division, San Francisco, CA.

2017 Después de la Lluvia, Teatro de Zapallar, Zapallar, Chile.

2017 Naturaleza Progresiva, Centro Cívico de Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.


2020 Women Rising, Drawing Room Annex, San Francisco, CA.

2020 Reflexions on Exile, curated by Jaenette Alanis, Root Division, San Francisco, CA.

2019 RD Makes curated by Samantha Reynolds, Root Division, San Francisco, CA.

2019 Scintilla Art Box Project, curated by Sarah E. Swist, Hastings College, Hastings, NE.

2019 LA Artcore 5th Annual Juried Exhibit, The Brewery, Los Angeles, CA

2019 SNAP!, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA, United States. Awarded as one of the ten works with highest combined juror points.

2018 6x6 Be There Be Square, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, United States.

2017 Artistas emergentes, MasDeco Market, Santiago, Chile.

2016 Aniversario Artes y Sabores, Santiago, Chile.

2011 Identidad Nacional, Duoc UC, Santiago, Chile.



2010- 2018 | Private Comissions

2016 | Feria Salón Inmobiliario. Realization of a mural invited by La Tercera and CCHC, Parque Titanium.




2019 - Present | Studio Artist, Root Division, San Francisco, CA.

2012 | Merit Scholarship Vocación Profesor (Teacher Vocation) delivered by MINEDUC, Santiago, Chile

2008 | Fine Arts Degree graduated with two votes of distinction.





2012 | Bachelor in High School Pedagogy, Universidad de Los Andes, Santiago Chile

2008 – 2011 | Degree in Visual Arts, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile.





2019 | Attendance to the course “Pics or it didn’t happen” by Alex Arzt at San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA.

2019 | Attendance to the course “The Structured Accident” by Allison Miller at San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA.

2013 | Certificate of Attendance to the course “Introduction to the History of Art” at Central Saint Martin`s College of Arts and Design, University of the Arts London, UK.

2013 | Certificate of Attendance to “Drawing London on Location” at Central Saint Martin`s College of Arts and Design, University of the Arts London, UK.




2019 - Present

Root Division Adult Education Oil Painting 101, San Francisco, CA. |

Root Division Adult Education Oil Painting Nature+Landscape,San Francisco, CA.

2019- Present

Volunteering Art Classes, Sanchez Elementary School, through the Root Division Youth Ed Program, San Francisco, CA

2017- 2018

Colegio Huelén, Santiago, Chile

  •  2018 Head Teacher 12th Grade

  • Senior High School Teacher: Art History, Contemporary Art, Drawing and Painting;

  • Art Teacher Elementary School and High School.

  • Arts and Crafts workshop for pre-school, After School Program.


Drawing and Painting Group Private Classes.


Watercolor Classes, After School Program Villa María Academy, Santiago, Chile


Bibilioteca Escolar Futuro volunteering: Drawing Workshops at different places, including Santiago’s Penitentiary Center for Women and Youth Correctional Facility, Santiago, Chile.

2014- 2016

Centro Educacional San Esteban Mártir, Santiago, Chile

  • Art Teacher Middle and High School, 70% students from underprivileged backgrounds.

  • 2016 9th grade Head Teacher

  • Drawing and painting Workshops, After School Program.


Workshops Complementa (Chilean Down Syndrome Foundation), Santiago, Chile

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